If you just stumbled upon this blog or my website and don't really know what to click on or want to find out where all the good stuff is hidden, here's a quick guide to my website.

The Faroe Islands

The one page I'd want you to look at as a visitor on my site is The Faroe Islands. On that page, I wrote a diary of my favourite adventure ever on these incredible islands in the North Atlantic. Besides the diary, there are also over 100 photos from that week as well as a few travel tips if you're considering going there yourself.


Obviously, if you want to see more of my photos, there is a large selection of them in my portfolio. Just click on any of the photos or titles to see a gallery of my favorite pictures from that day or trip. If you have the time, scroll through a few of them and you'll definitely find some hidden gems in there.


I've started doing a lot more videography which I upload to my YouTube channel. You can check out my most recent video including a short summary on this page or you can go straight to my YouTube channel via this link.

About / Contact

The title says it all, really. Find out who I am and how you can contact me.


Content you can expect in the future

I'm always shooting photos, so the portfolio will constantly have new content. The same goes for Videos, which won't be quite as regular though. Apart from that, I hope to update this blog pretty often to share a bit more about me and my experiences. The biggest addition by far will be a diary/gallery about my road trip through Norway last summer similar to the one I made about the Faroe Islands. I'll definitely write a blog post about this when it happens though.