When I made this website, I wanted it to be more than just a gallery of my best photos and some contact info. I do a lot more than just taking photos and wanted to create a genuinely interesting experience for anyone that happens to come across this site. I try to tell the stories behind the galleries in my portfolio and give an insight to my YouTube videos. There's a full page about my adventure in the Faroe Islands and you can read a bit about who I am. 

I also love to write occasionally, whether I just need a diary to talk to, have a story to tell or an opinion to share and that's why this blog exists. It will be the place for all that. I hope you enjoy a little insight into what I experience and what I think about. I won't post on here too regularly but I'll make an effort to write something as often as possible.

That's all for now though, I hope you enjoy exploring my new website. I also made a blog post about the website, where you can find all the information you need.